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Tokaj Classic Szamorodni Prélude 2013


De top van szamorodni! Must try.


Druiven:  60% Furmint , 35% Lindenblättriger, 5% Muscat

Oorsprong:   Tokaj, Mád, „Königsberg“ and “ Betsek“ (Grand Cru )

Terroir:   Clay topsoil, with volcanic, high lime, iron subsoil containing rhiolite, trachyte, andesite and zeolite substances. Moisture  is present in tufa rocks. Added soil compounds laid down through  ancient fumaroles, lend a powerfully rich and complex minerality.

Oogst tijdstip:  15 November -19 December 2013,      

Hoeveelheid: 5hl/ha

Kelder:   A high percentage of the botrytis affected berries on the bunches resulted in an excellent crop. After a short maceration and pressing, the juice was fermented at low temperature in steel tanks.

Bewaring: At a constant temperature of 12.8°C and 80% humidity, in small 135 liter oak Tokaj casks. Followed by nine months resting time in casks. Purification and completion effected by bottling in July 2015.



Alcohol:  12 Vol%

Tokaj Classic Szamorodni Prélude 2013

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