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Its appearance is characterized by a pure, pale lemon, practically water-like color. Its high viscosity is indicative of great internal value. Its pure, expressive bouquet shows an obvious presence of fresh fruit and the intensive grape-sugar like character typical of aromatic grape varieties. The wine is reminiscent of peach preserves and sweet greengage. 
On tasting, the wine has a somewhat lighter body and alcohol with a dry, slightly higher than average acidity with a long finish dominated by fresh fruits, cantaloupe and apricot. The wine helps reinterpret the disparaged fragrant varieties as the selection deserves a higher status. 
Recommended with a good fruit salad, yet not for wine spritzers, as it should be enjoyed in its pure form.

- XVI. Balaton Wein Competiton - Silver Medal

Kristinus Muscat Lunel Selection 2017

SKU: 1046
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