Merlot Rozé 2015

Alk.: 12,5% vol

Gorgeous fruit ...

… does this hand picked, refreshing Rosé of Merlot grapes reveal.
In the glass intense salmon coloured, accents of strawberry, raspberry and hibiscus dominate with a slight hint of pink grapefruit. Dry on its palate with a racy acidity and a subtle body with pure delicacy, this Rosé is swarming and invigorating at the same time. Elegant and delicate in its fruity aftertaste, this wine is the ideal companion with light summer snacks or refreshing salads.
Enjoy best on ice at an ideal serving temperature of 8-10 °C. Like this, this wine brings infinite, fruity pleasures.

Duzsi Merlot Rosé 2018

12,90 €Prijs


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